1. Silhouette

From the recording No Excuses mp3

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Walking a lonesome stretch
Talking to a cigarette
And thinking about the days gone by
Head full of land and sea
Hands full with her
And I think that I might be past my prime

But in another hour or two
I'll stop feeling blue
Or maybe one more trip down memory lane
All the faces and the names and the beds where I have lain
Conjuring spirits in the dark
Be still my beating heart

She thinks that I'm naive
To think that I'll just leave without saying a word
I'm reaching for a ghost
And when I get so close
The air disappears from my lungs

My energy is spent
In the winter of contentment
With the writing on the wall to keep me warm
My love stays the same
Exes and old flames
Even so, I'll just let it go.

So tell me is it good enough?
I always hold you up
Look into the light to see the edges of your silhouette shining on me.