1. Falling Into

From the recording No Excuses mp3

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Falling Into

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Sometimes I wonder how I ever get out
Of these holes I keep on falling into, these cracks in my mind
Seems I could never say what I meant
And I confess that in this mess, I nearly drowned trying to make sense
Of this feeling like I'm leaving behind reason for what's untrue
And the only one I ever wanted was the only one I had to lose

Solitary nights
Killing time while in the fog you hide
Left with all the empty promises I keep
To myself and no one else

To be honest I don't care at all.
I was waiting for that telephone.

I used to wonder where it all went.
Lost in the spaces where selfish love happens
And never coming back
Slow to heal, this bloody heart attack
And hard to deal when the fear
has the face of a friend
How vicious you are when I let you in

Everything I take
Every miracle, every mistake
Make my mind up
Put me here
I'll keep falling into heaven
If it's near