1. Winding Road

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Winding Road

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I think this is the end of me
Seems appropriate to make a speech
The benefits of being high and lone
Some whiskey bottle for a microphone

Long night turned into day
Turned into long night
Do I just fade away?
Keep it up and you might get hurt
This burning out is just too much work

I only make the best mistakes
Handcrafted and so well-placed
Blame myself because I could
Use a bit more guilt, pile it up, like

Would you like to see the next big thing?
Look in the mirror.
I'll look the other way.

Stare down the winding road
Streetlight sound and bitter cold
Separate plans for a selfless man
Pushing at the edges, locking all the doors
Waiting for a reason to do it like before

Punch in, check out.
Ring me up for the next round.
Sell me another version.
One where this is working.
In which I'm a different person.

While away, take up a collection
Make up a bunch of missed connections
And try to recollect when the odds were in favour
Of doing this whole thing better
And passing pretension off as a trend
Just like having friends

Forgetting the pitfalls
Phone calls and old halls
Talking walls of sound with peeling painted reverb
Bounced and mixed to shimmer
In the light of every flame held high against the grain
And stained with blood

Bar shows, TV shows and no-shows
Filling in, filling up and filling out
All this paperwork, no clean shirts, arguing over who did what first

Stare down the winding road
Lets get found before it's all sold
To the lowest bidder
Overpaid quota hitters
Factory farm team winners
Hey, at least we got a free dinner
out of the deal.