1. Won't Get Far

From the recording No Excuses mp3

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Won't Get Far

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It's all good, everything is fine
Another dead kid, and more money in the pipeline
Out on the street, you feel the heat -
The cold looks and the crucifixion

Everything is fine, it's all good
The water's boiling in the whole neighbourhood
These hateful hands break up the band
Deal the cards and shed the blame

In the bubble everything is clean and safe
Don't want no trouble don't want nothing to do with your

Race to the top, it never stopped
Since Leo & Carney in that Prince Albert gun shop
Lachance died, Nerland went to hide under RCMP protection

Forget the precedent – it's shocking and new every time
And now to Stanley's friends, killing ain't even a crime
And it's weighing on my mind.

Who are we, if we set killers free and
Ignore dark clouds of white supremacy?

Silence is complicity
Your fear is your only enemy
If we give in we won't get far
No we won't get far
We won't get far